ACET Recycling Now Has Paver Stone in Jacksonville

EACET Recycling Now Has Paver Stone in Jacksonville exterior landscaping brings with it big decisions that can change the overall look of an entire outdoor area; and hardscape material is one of the biggest and most permanent decisions you can make. An excellent hardscape material is paver stone, which is now available at the Jacksonville ACET Recycling location.

Ahh, but don’t make the mistake of thinking your decisions end there! There are so many wonderful options available with paver stones. Concrete paver stone is typically rectangular, but it can also come in square or irregular shapes. There are flat-topped paver stones or rough edged pavers. You can get symmetrical paver stone or natural paver stone, or even combine contrasting shapes and sizes for a unique look. You can choose colors that blend or colors that pop – and mix and match too! Go contemporary with precision cut pavers or more traditional with pavers that mimic the look of brick.

Paver stone is excellent for walkways, sidewalks, driveways, patios, retaining walls and more! Pavers can also be used to create accents, patterns (such as weaved or herringbone) and borders; and are perfect for outdoor kitchens and fire pits.

Plus, pavers are great because, aside from adding great curb appeal, they can flex with temperatures, so they don’t crack like poured concrete could. Additionally, if there IS any damage, you can pull up and repair isolated sections.

ACET Recycling is paving the way for quality recycled products, and we are pleased to provide the raw material to create a wide array of paver options. For more information about paver stone, call ACET Recycling at 386-275-1511.