Concrete Countertops – the New Trend

Looking for a completely customizable tabletop solution? Concrete countertops are becoming popular in
commercial spaces like bars and restaurants and even residential kitchens, bathrooms and recreational
and outdoor entertainment areas.
Owners love them because you can create your own concrete masterpiece that lends itself to your
precise style and space. Choose the exact shape, size and edge. Your surface texture can be shiny or
rough. Stone or glass can be added to the mix. You can even embed items or a logo! The color is
completely up to you as well. Leave it natural grey or make it look like another material such as granite
or marble. And here’s a really cool bonus…you can cast custom features like trivets, cutting boards and
even lighting right into your concrete countertop!
Concrete countertops are extremely durable and should serve you well for many years or quite possibly
forever. They can even be further reinforced and made more lightweight by adding glass fibers. This
allows for long, seamless spans that simply aren’t possible with other materials. Concrete countertops
can stain so sealant is required, but unlike with tile countertops, there are no grout lines, so your
concrete countertops will be easy to clean and maintain.
Concrete countertops can suit styles from industrial to rustic, contemporary to traditional and
everything in between. They are functional, aesthetically appealing and durable. It only takes a few
weeks to custom design, cast and cure for a good investment that will add value and beauty to your
home or business for quite some time to come.