Concrete Fire Features for Family Fun and More!

If you want to design a lovely outdoor space, think of concrete fire features – a centerpiece with panache! Aside from providing higher level enhancement to your landscaping, concrete fire features are built to withstand the elements and they come in a variety of options to complement your home and property. 

You can match your décor with chic sophistication or cozy simplicity. There are all shapes and sizes, from round, to rectangular, oval, square with rounded edges and all sorts of other cool geometric shapes. Then, there are all sorts of concrete fire feature styles…

Choose from options such as concrete fire tables with built-in, recessed fire features. Some concrete fire tables come with their fire feature set off to the side, so the other portion of the concrete table provides more surface space for serving and entertaining. Or maybe you would prefer a concrete fire pit which is actually built right into your landscaping; or a concrete fire bowl with contemporary appeal.

Concrete fire features can come with propane attachments for convenience and ease or you can go old school and use charcoal briquettes or wood chips in different varieties to provide delightful earthy smells like mesquite or apple.

If you want family fun, roast marshmallows on your concrete fire feature; friends will love the comfy social environment your concrete fire feature provides; and nothing could be more romantic than sitting in front of the fire with your date. So go ahead and bring your landscape to life with a concrete fire feature!