Create Your Own Concrete Stepping Stones with Memories

Making concrete stepping stones using your child’s handprint is an inexpensive, child-friendly and engaging activity with an end result that is one-of-a-kind. They make great grandparent gifts or you can use them to craft your own garden walkway. You can even use these unique concrete creations to record your child’s growth throughout the years – stepping stones of life, if you will.

To make a round concrete stepping stone mold, simply use a utility knife to cut 2 ½ inches up, all the way around a large plastic bucket. Spray the insides of your concrete mold with some non-stick cooking spray so it will be easier to get your stepping stone out once your concrete sets. 

Mix your concrete according to the directions. Once you have reached a consistency similar to cookie dough, fill your mold halfway. Carefully grab the sides and jiggle your mold from side to side a bit to help release any air bubbles. Then go ahead and fill in the other half, repeating the jiggling process. Smooth the top with a trowel.

Let your concrete set about 30-60 minutes – until it will hold an impression of your thumb. Then just have your child spread his fingers and push his hand onto the concrete until his hand sinks about halfway. You can do the same to his foot. I probably don’t have to say this, but wash your kid off after you’re through ☺

Decorate with almost anything – colorful tiles, shells, etc. Just make sure you push them in until they are flush. Then, if you wait about another 20 minutes, you can use a craft stick to write whatever you like, such as your child’s name and age.

Cover your handiwork with a sheet of plastic and leave it in a protected place for about 24 hours before you pop it out of its mold. Then just wait about seven days before using it as a stepping stone.