Don’t Get Scammed – ACET Is the Way to Go!

There are scams everywhere today…from ransomware created by Russian hackers, to card skimming at the gas pump and those crazy phone calls asking for all your personal information so that “the IRS won’t take you away in cuffs.”

There are even scam artists working in our communities…thieves posing as employees of supposedly reputable companies, who fool you into signing questionable contracts and paying them your hard earned money for shoddy service or services never rendered.

Unsuspecting potential customers even run into scammers in the recycling business; and these shysters run the gamut, from simply being inexperienced to the point that they cost you money or just don’t know what they are doing; to being unlicensed or not insured; to downright sketchy business people who are just out to take you for all they can get. And with all the hardships, business lost this past year and the heated competition in the market, it’s only getting worse. Don’t let this happen to you! 

ACET Recycling reliably serves the state of Florida, so well that we are consistently expanding with more locations and new hires. We are licensed and insured and our reputation, as well as your satisfaction and repeat business means the world to us. The mission of ACET Recycling is to deliver products and services that strengthen the building industry and, consequently, the future for us all. In an effort to further encourage integrity and professionalism throughout our industry, ACET Recycling is also a proud member of the Volusia Building Industry Association.