What Happens to Demolished Buildings?

Want to know what happens to demolished buildings? Well, that depends. After a building has been demolished, there could be a costly clean-up and landfill trip. And doesn’t that just seem like a waste of money and our environment? Or, a reputable company such as ACET Recycling could come in and that story would have a much better ending.

ACET Recycling Services is the leading provider of crushing and milling services, recycled concrete and asphalt products and site development. ACET also performs demolition services, and ensures that buildings are carefully brought down to save time and money for clean-up and preserve as many re-usable materials as possible.

Our team of professional recycling experts can skillfully perform on-site milling and crushing services, and remove all of the debris to the exact specifications of our customers. Then, ACET recycling produces quality recycled aggregate that is used for new roads, parking lots, paths and walkways, driveways, as a base layer for asphalt, to help with proper runoff into storm drains, for retaining walls to control erosion, for a stable foundation to lay underground utilities, for pipe bedding and more!

ACET Recycling does it all, so we can even take it one step further to site development. Our exceptional site development services include mass earthwork, underground utility installs, site grading, landscaping, curbing, gutters and more.

If you need one or more services provided by ACET Recycling, just call 386-275-1511 or email office@acet-recycling.com for answers to your questions or a free quote.