Helping to Build the Future

ACET Recycling is committed to the environment and your success, and is recycling the past to help build a brighter future. ACET Recycling is proud to uphold the principles that secure the foundation to build better tomorrows.
We have cemented our rock-solid reputation with a proven track record for hard work, quality products, unsurpassed customer service, exceptional performance, consummate professionalism and unwavering integrity. ACET Recycling pays close attention to detail, consistently meets challenging deadlines and maintains safe working conditions. And that is set in stone.
Using new concrete strips land and depletes aggregate supplies. Additionally, when construction waste is disposed of in landfills, it greatly reduces landfill space and creates mounting environmental concerns. Conversely, recycling concrete eliminates this extreme hardship on our land and, instead, replenishes the planet. It also takes old, no longer useful sites and materials and gives them new life, transforming them once again into beneficial places and structures.
Not only does recycling concrete prevent environmental disturbances associated with products that are not recycled, it greatly benefits business. Recycling concrete can help contractors to acquire recycled material credits, eliminate lofty disposal costs; and recycled concrete is far more cost effective than new concrete, enabling contractors to outbid their competition and build a more profitable business.
ACET Recycling has convenient plant locations throughout the state of Florida. If you are interested in more information about ACET Recycling, call 386-275-1511.

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