Homemade Concrete Flower Pots

Got flimsy flower pots? Tired of sweeping up dirt and injured plants every time the slightest (or not so slightest) wind blows? There IS an inexpensive, durable solution! Create a homemade flower pot from concrete. It’s easy to do and the end result is a sturdy, formidable opponent against Florida weather.

Here’s all you need to do. Create a mold by using two identical containers. One just needs to be slightly smaller. Those flimsy flower pots you are not too fond of at the moment should work! 

Then you coat the inside of the large pot and the outside of the small pot (the parts that will touch the concrete) with cooking spray. I know, right? 

Cut three, two-inch-long pieces of one-inch wide PVC. Mix some quickset concrete according to the directions. You can even add color at this point if you like. Pour two inches of concrete into your large container. Poke your PVC pieces into the mixture, making sure that the tops don’t get covered. These will provide your drainage.

Place your small pot into the large pot, resting on top of the PVC. Then add concrete between the containers to create your concrete pot. Smooth the top with a putty knife, and let it all set up for about 24 hours. Remove the small container. Cover the rest with plastic and let it set for a week, misting it with water to keep your concrete damp during this time. 

Then just thump the bottom – a little gently, yet firmly, to dislodge your pot. You can even clean the concrete off your “molds” and use them again to create a bunch of cost-effective, long-lasting concrete flower pots that will stand up to just about anything!