How to Get Creative with Driveways, Patios and More Using Recycled Concrete

If you are thinking of saving money by using recycled concrete, but you are afraid that your creativity may be limited, think again! There are a variety of ways you can get creative with driveways, patios and more when you are using recycled concrete.

Broken concrete has become a trendy, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to create driveways, patios, garden pathways and pool deck areas with a unique look.

Recycled concrete can also be stained, so consider adding a splash of color to your newest concrete project or perfectly accenting the colors of your home or surrounding landscape.

Then there are stamping overlays. Concrete stamping is also referred to as textured or imprinted concrete. It is any overlay process that replicates the look of flagstone, slate, tile, brick or even wood, and it comes in a multitude of patterns and colors. This durable, weather resistant, high end process is very popular in earth tones, grays and realistic stone coloration, and the brick patterns come in a variety of rich russet hues. With concrete stamping, you can include contrasting colors and decorative borders. Stamping is even used on garage and basement floors.

Whether you are planning a recycled concrete driveway, patio, lanai or pool area, it is important that you choose the right supplier – one with great prices, excellent materials and professional service. For more information about reliable recycled concrete, contact ACET Recycling Services