Learn Why Modern Concrete Homes Are Popular in Florida

Home is where the heart is…and if your home is constructed with concrete, it’s a sure bet that your heart – and everything else within your home – will be better protected. Modern concrete homes are particularly popular in Florida because they can stand up to its harsh elements.

Concrete homes are hurricane-resistant, withstanding extreme weather and winds over 200 miles per hour. They are also extremely durable, tolerating Florida’s moisture-rich climate. Where other materials such as wood are likely to mildew or rot during extended periods of rain and humidity, concrete is impervious to wet environments like the one in Florida. Additionally, concrete homes are resistant to termites and other wood boring insects. Plus, concrete isn’t flammable, so concrete homes are fire-resistant too. In fact, houses constructed of this tough and trusted building material can last centuries if they are well-maintained.

Looking for an energy-efficient home? Concrete is the ticket! The eco-friendly insulation concrete provides warm air from your heater and cool air from your air conditioner from escaping. It’s also an easy construction material to recycle, so the actual building process of your home will make even the very environmentally conscious of us smile. Want to eliminate noise pollution? Concrete is also virtually sound-proof. 

All of these advantages make a concrete home more cost-effective and more enjoyable – not to mention more appealing for resale too!