Leftover Concrete, Unsure What to Do with It?

Attention Contractors: Concrete that is leftover after building or pavement demolition can be costly to haul away. So don’t make it a drain on your business. Recycle it by crushing it and use it to make aggregate for your next project!

You can use your recycled concrete as a base layer for asphalt pavement, as gravel for new construction projects and as a substitute for shot rock under certain parts of airport runways and ramps. Leftover concrete can be made into riprap to protect drainage beds, for foundation support, bridge abutments and to prevent erosion on steep slopes. Save yourself and your clients money by using your leftover concrete as an inexpensive substitute for driveways and patios and place it in landscaping beds. Recycled concrete also can be used to build economical retaining walls and privacy screening walls. 

Ah, but just like that old 1980s Ginsu Knife commercial said (I know, I’m old), “There’s more!” You can utilize the services of a recycling company you can trust to help your business prosper – like ACET Recycling. So, instead of paying through the nose to have someone haul off your leftover concrete when you’re cleaning up your job site, you can use ACET Recycling as a turnkey method for cost-effectively ridding yourself of concrete leftovers.

ACET Recycling is member of the Volusia Building Industry and the Volusia County Association for Responsible Development and proud to serve businesses, general contractors, building owners and property managers throughout the state of Florida. Call ACET Recycling at 386-275-1511 or email office@acet-recycling.com when you have leftover concrete.