Some Interesting Applications of Recycled Concrete

Although recycled concrete plays such an integral role in our lives, many times we don’t even notice it. Ever drive along a newly paved road? The asphalt filler or hot mix asphalt used to pave it was probably made from recycled concrete. Top dressing for gravel roads is also often a by-product of recycled concrete. Recycled concrete is a great underlay for pipes and perfect for bulk fills. It is ideal for drainage and helps keep erosion at bay. Sturdy driveways, pavements and foundations are built on it. The list goes on and on.

However, recycled concrete is also used in some of the more obscure places you might not even consider and it can add beauty to our lives. Recycled concrete is used in gardens for better drainage, as garden boarders and to build beautiful garden walls. Recycled concrete helps to create bike trails and walking paths, and is used as a base under pavers and in beautifully edged yards. It also helps to keep our beaches from falling into the sea and our building projects sound.

Recycling touches so many parts of our lives. Specifically, the New Smyrna Beach Riverwalk, Sanford Airport Runway and Pit Road at the Daytona International Speedway are just a few of the projects completed by ACET Recycling. One call to 386-275-1511 does it all. ACET Recycling is a one-stop-shop for premium site work, including services from recycling to site development; and we offer 16 locations throughout Florida for the convenience of our customers.

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