Take a Look at Concrete Projects You Can Do Yourself

Yes, concrete is durable, inexpensive and sustainable, but it is versatile too. Ever think of making some concrete projects yourself right at home? Well you can, and it is oh so easy!

Want a concrete stool? Simply pour concrete into the bottom portion of a five gallon bucket. Cut your three stool legs from a single dowel. Then just place them in your concrete where you want them and wait for it all to dry. Once it dries, just pull out your five dollar concrete stool!

How about a fun project for the kids? Concrete refrigerator magnets will do the trick! Silicone ice cube trays come in so many whimsical mold shapes. Choose yours, pour in concrete, add a magnet to the top and voila!

Here’s something else that is inexpensive and simple to make from concrete…countertops and desktops. Got an ugly laminate counter or desktop? Cover it in concrete for that unique utilitarian style and flair only concrete can provide. 

You can create some pretty cool concrete gifts too. Concrete coasters can be molded in small boxes and then painted with acrylics. Or give them one-of-a-kind concrete jewelry. Create a tiny cardboard mold in whatever shape you desire. Once your concrete dries, dip the ends in metallic paint and glue on an earring back, pendant hook or pin for a matching earring, necklace and brooch set.

Lace wrapped bookends and paperweights are a no-brainer. The list of effortless concrete creations is virtually endless. So get to it and DIY some cool concrete projects for summer.