The Impact of Concrete on Our Daily Lives

Concrete…we build our roads, bridges and buildings with it. Concrete is used to erect our walls, construct our foundations and fabricate our floors. In ancient times, concrete was used to build the pyramids, it solidified our fortresses and it was the go-to material for the creation of wells and the underground water systems in Rome.

Concrete is so simple and so essential. It doesn’t burn, mildew or rot, it is impervious to insects and rodents and it is resistant to moisture. Due to its low conductivity, concrete retains heat very well so it is energy-efficient. Concrete is durable, cost-effective and a necessity for underground construction. It can withstand the elements and it is easy to maintain and repair. Concrete can be shaped into many forms, offering a multitude of design possibilities. It can also be stamped when it is freshly mixed to create decorative surfaces. Concrete is recyclable so it can be used in perpetuity, leaving only a tiny environmental footprint left behind; and it is environmentally-friendly, releasing no volatile compounds into the air. Concrete can accommodate steel reinforcements for tunnels, gates and so much more. Concrete even helps sustain our economy by providing jobs.

The proof is concrete. Concrete plays an enormous role in our daily lives. If you have a use for concrete, consult ACET Recycling, the concrete experts. ACET Recycling provides on-site concrete crushing and recycling services as well as high quality, competitively priced recycled concrete products.