The World’s First Mile of Concrete Was Paved in 1909

The first roads were of course dirt, barely more than well-worn pathways. That later gave way to roads constructed from more sturdy material like bricks and cobblestone. However, those roads were typically uneven and pretty bumpy. There was also a material used for roads called macadam that was basically stones sprayed with tar. None of the aforementioned options were very durable.

As you might imagine, with the invention of the automobile, modern road construction soon followed. Henry Ford introduced his Model T Ford in 1909 and in April of that same year, the world’s first mile of concrete highway was paved in a northwestern region of Detroit, Michigan.

In 1913, the first load of ready-mix concrete was delivered in Baltimore Maryland. In 1915, Fiat built a concrete-reinforced test track on the roof of its building. In 1917, what are now known as the American Society for Testing and Materials and the National Bureau of Standards and Technology established a standard formula for Portland cement. The concrete we know and love today is Portland cement, coarse and fine aggregate of stone and sand and water.

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