Types of Crushed Stone Grades

Crushed stone plays a fundamental role in the construction industry. At ACET Recycling, we are crushing it for builders and project managers in a wide array of sizes for a multitude of various uses. Some of the most common types of crushed stone used in the industry today are:

#10 stone dust is largely used to fabricate concrete pavers and blocks.

#57 comes in about ¾” and is mostly used for concrete and asphalt driveways, and sometimes landscaping or French drains.

#411 is a mixture of stone dust and 57 stone and primarily used for roads, retaining walls, driveways, pathways, sidewalks and to patch paving.

#3 ranges from ½” to 2” and is mostly used for railroads and drainage projects.

#8 ranges from about 3/8” to ½” for concrete and asphalt mixing.

#67 is sized from ¾” down to fine particles for fill and slab base.

#5 is 1” to fine particles for road and paver base.

#1 ranges from about 2 to 4” and is the largest of the crushed stone grades for larger jobs.

If you have a need for crushed stone, you would like to learn more about crushed stone or your require a free estimate for crushed stone, contact the experts at ACET Recycling by calling 386-275-1511 or emailing office@acet-recycling. Our crushed stone products are high quality and our service is unsurpassed.