We Are a Proud Member of the Volusia Building Industry Association

When you are determined to make your business the best it can be and to provide exceptional products
and services in customer demand, it is imperative to do business with an experienced and reputable
firm…a company like ACET Recycling. A statewide provider of high quality recycled concrete and asphalt
products and services, ACET Recycling tirelessly serves Florida businesses, general contractors, building
owners and property managers.
ACET Recycling is proud to be a member of the Volusia Building Industry Association, a not-for-profit
that consistently strives to protect the construction industry, promotes proactive leadership, encourages
professionalism and provides education throughout the trade. As the largest trade organization in
Volusia County and an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and the Florida Home
Builders Association, the Volusia Building Industry Association contributes without waiver to the
economic well-being of both the commercial construction and home building industries.
The mission of ACET Recycling to deliver products and services to help strengthen the building industry
and do our part to build a better world mirrors that of the Volusia Building Industry Association. If you
are interested in learning more about ACET Recycling products and services, please feel free to contact
our offices by calling 386-275-1511. It would be our honor to play a part in the success of your business
by furnishing your firm with quality products and performance, as well as unsurpassed satisfaction.