What Exactly Is Recycled Concrete and What Are Its Typical Uses

Concrete is often the most popular choice of construction material among contractors because it offers durability, high performance and low maintenance cost. Take that one step further and you have recycled concrete, which is also cheaper to purchase and more environmentally friendly.

Recycled concrete is created after evaluation and contaminant removal. Then it is crushed to varying degrees so that it can be used for almost anything from building new cities, to buildings and roads. The coarser materials are used for things like road base. Finer material such as pea rock, which packs tightly and is permeable, allowing water to freely drain through, is great for pipe bedding and underlay for foundations and footings.

However, recycled concrete is not just used for both ends of the construction spectrum. The list of uses for recycled concrete is a long one. Large pieces can be used for building revetments and are also useful in controlling erosion; while its multitude of valuable by-products are used for ground improvement, concrete addition and asphalt filler. Recycled concrete can also be used for bulk fills, base for driveways, retaining walls, building foundations, fill for drainage around structures, constructing gutters and pavements, bank protection, fill for utility trenches, ready-mix concrete, hot mix asphalt and top dressing for gravel roads and more. 

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