Why Concrete Is the Best Material for Construction

Concrete outperforms wood every time. Buildings constructed with concrete yield a longer lifespan than their wooden counterparts. Concrete construction also lowers costs because there is no need for regular maintenance and repairs as there is with wood. There are a whole host of valuable benefits that concrete provides the construction industry, including the following:

  • Concrete is durable. It’s not susceptible to erosion, natural calamities or extreme weather. It is construction material that can last a lifetime and often much longer.
  • Concrete is strong. Believe it or not, concrete actually strengthens over time. Concrete is comprised of sand, cement and water. The less moisture, the stronger the concrete, and moisture within concrete diminishes over time – creating a more and more formidable structure with each passing year.
  • Concrete is safe and comfortable. It cannot catch fire and acts as a stronghold protecting its inhabitants from virtually anything. Solid concrete walls and floors also give rise to quiet buildings.
  • Concrete is cost-effective. Concrete’s thermal mass can absorb and retain heat, leading to lower utility bills.
  • Concrete is environmentally friendly, allowing rain to penetrate the ground and helping to minimize soil erosion and flooding. Concrete can also be crushed to its original condition and recycled, resulting in absolutely zero waste.

…and those, my friend, are the concrete facts!