Why Most Pavers Prefer Crushed Stone for Driveways

Paved driveways are meant to provide a long-lasting, weather-resistant, smooth surface for driving and parking. The most important step in creating a driveway or parking lot that can support high volume traffic without cracking or buckling is to start with the proper solid foundation…and that is crushed stone.

Most pavers prefer to use crushed stone for the foundation of their driveways and parking lots for some very fundamental and crucial reasons:

  • Small, crushed, irregularly shaped stone with sharp edges tends to pack tightly to form a firm surface.
  • The larger of the crushed stones will create very narrow gaps through which underground water can escape, allowing for ample drainage and…you guessed it – no buckling or cracking for the concrete lying above.

Recycled concrete from old driveways, sidewalks and buildings is often the material of choice for pavers because it meets all the criteria above and it is affordable and conserves natural resources. It is perfect for breaking down into different sizes as tight as medium gravel, with the smallest pieces breaking down into a powder which provides for excellent drainage.

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